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Our collective buying power provides each member the opportunity to purchase industry leading products directly from manufacturers at discounted rates

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Each member's protected geographic territory promotes members to share sales strategy, advertising promotions, organizational structuring, and more. Cooperation and coordination bolsters MBG members to become the most competitive business in their respective market.

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Making money is your number one goal. We give you all of the tools to improve profits and get more customers.

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We take the guesswork out of which vendors to buy from. Our research, experience and pricing with a couple select vendors from each product category, enables you to focus more on how much to buy than whom to buy from, saving you time, money and the aggravation of vendor cold calls and going to National shows.

MBG is a professional organization comprised of pool, spa, and other recreational products retailers

We are in pursuit of constant improvements to our businesses and industry as a whole.

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Our relationship with each other allows us to see larger margins and increased sales.



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    17th Annual MBG Sales Conference

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  • Oct252016

    Hansen’s Pool and Spa – New Member

    The Millennium Buying Group welcomes Hansen’s Pool and Spa as its newest member.   Hansen’s 35-years in business will bring…

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