The Millennium Buying Group was established in 2001 when six small businesses in various states decided they wanted to organize their efforts to reduce costs by purchasing products directly from the manufacturer. Their collective buying power would bypass distributors and increase their negotiating power to buy quality products directly from industry leading manufacturers.

    Purchasing directly from the manufacturers enabled their companies to sell better products, at better prices, and increase their profits. Larger profits helped these entrepreneurs expand their companies and improve the customer buying experience with a more selective product mix.

    For over a decade, MBG has attracted members just like the original six and has helped improve their businesses in the same way. As the industry continues to change and small businesses face tough challenges on the Internet age, the MBG is poised to be an industry-leading organization striving to help small businesses solve problems.

    We negotiate with top manufacturers to purchase products at the best prices. ¬†We collaborate to create private label products that are unavailable for online purchase. We function as a cohesive buying group, but we are a collection of independent entrepreneurs. We are unified to work together and offer fellow members new ideas to grow. Our goal is to help eager brick-and-mortar pool and spa retail owners buy better products, compete with online retailers, and improve their customers’ experiences.

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