Why Join Us?

    Why Join the Millennium Buying Group?

    1. Do you buy and sell above ground pools?

    2. Do you build and install in ground pools?

    3. Do you have a large retail footprint dedicated to chemicals, accessories, and parts?

    4. Are you protected by your manufacturers from the Internet with private label products?

    5. Did you pay too much on your early buy orders?

    If so, join the Millennium Buying Group today and find out how you can take control of your business, save 20% or more on purchases, and give your customers a better buying experience.  We are searching for strategic brick-and-mortar partners in the U.S. who uphold integrity, honesty, and want to grow their business to better serve their customers and families.

    To meet the demands of the programs the MBG has negotiated with its preferred vendors, members must buy products in bulk, and warehouse goods, usually a year’s supply worth.  Members of the MBG are large enough to buy truckloads of goods and warehouse product, essentially acting as their own distributor.  Below are rough guidelines to minimum annual purchase volumes to become a member of MBG (if your company is short of these items, but is in growth phase, please contact to discuss):

    • 75 Above ground pools
    • $100K Wholesale chemical purchases
    • $50k Wholesale pump and filter purchases
    • 100 Hot tubs and Swim Spas
    • 30 In ground pool installations
    • 50 In ground liner replacements