Hansen’s Pool and Spa

Hansen’s Pool and Spa
October 21, 2016 Mark Fossum

Hansen’s Pool & Spa is a locally owned and  operated family fun store for all of Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  We stock only the highest quality leisure products available to ensure your families fun and satisfaction is met.

In business since 1982, Hansen’s Pool & Spa stocks, sells and services items that keep families together, and that are fun and promote good health.  Above ground swimming pools for summer family enjoyment and water exercise, warm bubbling spas for year round relief for stress and pain, and dart boards, games and accessories for indoor winter fun. So no matter the season, Hansen’s Pool & Spa has what you are looking for to complete your family fun and outdoor leisure project.

Hansen’s Pool & Spa provides their employees with continued education so they are ready to answer any and all of your questions regarding products, parts and swimming pool and spa chemicals. Hansen’s Pool & Spa offers our customers free water testing for their swimming pools and spas using our advanced digital water testing lab for accurate and professional results.We also provide consumer classes to assist our customers in understanding how to run and maintain their swimming pools or spas. Hansen’s Pool & Spa has on staff their own service technicians to take care of your swimming pool or spa needs, the only swimming pool and spa retail store in Southeastern WI that does this. These are just a few of the things that make Hansen’s Pool & Spa stand out above the rest.

Our mission has always been to offer the best products, best prices and best service available anywhere.  Hansen’s Pool & Spa is proud to belong to one of the nations largest buying groups. It is because of this affiliation that we can buy products better and pass those savings on to our customers.  We continue to be committed to our customers and constantly strive to be the best that we can be.