Meeting Schedule

Vendor presentations are limited to thirty-minute and one-hour time slots per day, and a seventy-five-minute breakfast presentation.

Presentations provide the opportunity for the vendor to address all member business owners and managers with product information, programs, pricing, etc. Members will be seated in a classroom layout. Presentations can consist of PowerPoint slides, product demonstrations, or general discussion. We invite all vendor attendees to join us for lunch on the day of their presentation.

Included with presentations are standard A/V (LCD projector, screen, and plug-ins, mic), internet, power, refreshments and lunch. Please bring your own computer and/or tablet.

Presentation pricing is as follows:

  • 30-minutes presentation: $3,000
  • 30-minutes presentation and tabletop: $4,000
  • 30-minutes presentation and 8’x10’ booth: $4,500
  • 60-minutes and discussion session: $5,000
  • 60-minutes presentation and tabletop: $6,000
  • 60-minutes presentation and 8’x10’ booth: $6,500
  • CEO Breakfast (75-Minutes during catered breakfast) and 8’x10’ booth: $6,000

The Millennium Buying Group Meeting Tradeshow is a great opportunity for vendors to showcase products and have one-on-one interactions with members. Included in the cost of exhibiting at the six-hour tradeshow are tabletop and linens (for tabletops and booths if requested), chairs (if requested), pipe and draping (for booths), basic electrical service, WiFi connectivity, and lunch and continuous refreshment services. Note: shipping and receiving charges will be charged to the attendee’s room. If additional services are needed, please contact me directly to coordinate with the resort. Pricing for the tradeshow is as follows:

  • 3’x6’ linen draped tabletops: $1,200
  • 8’x10’ booth with tables, pipe and drapes: $2,000
  • 16’x10’ booth with tables, pipe and drapes: $4,000

Time slots:

  • Presentations spots are available Wednesday and Thursday, as well as a few Saturday morning meeting slots.
  • CEO Breakfast presentations are available Thursday-Saturday mornings from 7:15-8:45am.
  • The MBG Tradeshow will take place Friday from 9:00am-3:00pm. Setup for the tradeshow is Thursday 3:00-8:00pm, and tear down immediately follows the conclusion of the tradeshow on Friday from 3:00-8:00pm.